Designer Door Hardware | Wide Range Of Premium Doorware Brands
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We’ve searched the globe looking for the best door hardware suppliers, so we can ensure every door handle we supply is of the finest quality.

Our broad range of Italian solid brass door hardware is available in a range and all of our hardware has been designed to meet Australian security needs, with custom-made fittings also available.

We have strong relationships with each of our individually sourced suppliers and can offer you personalised advice on what type of hardware will perfectly suit your needs. Our door hardware suppliers include:


For more than 100 years, Olivari has been manufacturing door handles out of their wholly-owned factories in Italy. Upholding the artisanal wisdom the company has accumulated over the last century, Olivari utilises the latest technologies to bring their quality designs to life. From forging the handles to polishing, buffing and adding the chrome-plated finishes, every care is taken to produce the finest products.

International Door Hardware is a trusted distributor of the Olivari brand, so ask us about their carefully-crafted handles today!


With a rich history spanning more than 50 years, DND by Martinelli balances craftsmanship with innovation. With a great passion and high regard for the production of door handles, knobs and knockers, DND by Martinelli is a world-renowned brand that produces the finest quality products for exclusive properties across the world.

The team at International Door Hardware has worked hard to establish a relationship with DND by Martinelli to ensure we can supply you with the architectural doorware that you need.


Designer Doorware designs and manufactures superior quality door furniture and architectural hardware, including everything from pull handles, sliding door hardware, and leversets.

Ask International Door Hardware about the full Designer Doorware range that is available.


Focussing on functionality, reliability and product quality, Mandelli has spent more than 60-years perfecting their Italian-made door handles.

To learn more about the quality craftsmanship and reliability that has made Mandelli a big name in doorware, come and visit the International Door Hardware showroom to see our range of their products on display.


Since their inception in northern Italy in 1945, Frascio has built a global reputation for their decorative door hardware that is loved by premier architects and designers worldwide.

Here at International Door Hardware, we’re constantly updating our range of Frascio doorware to keep up with their emerging designs and technology. Ask us about their products today!

Other Brands


Specialising in commercial quality doorhardware that’s perfect for architects, builders and designers, Dormakaba’s doorware range covers all of your project needs.

Halliday Baillie  

Offering architectural hardware to the global design community that suits both residential and commercial applications, Halliday Baillie is a well-respected New Zealand brand.

We’re a proud distributor and agent of Halliday Baillie’s products and can provide you with expert advice on both the design and practical uses of their range of quality products.

To learn more about any of these brands, contact us today, or visit our Malaga-based showroom to speak to one of our staff and view our displays in person.